Tuesday, February 1, 2011

IT outsourcing success story - Wikipedia

Business managers weighing up the advantages of in-house technology teams against the benefits of IT outsourcing have been urged to look at one of the web’s most popular information sites for inspiration.

Writing for Cambridge News, author Anne Miller described the user-generated portal Wikipedia as a “fascinating example” of how outsourced teams can work accurately and efficiently to achieve phenomenal success.

“A recent study showed that its articles were as accurate as Encyclopaedia Britannica and when errors were identified they were corrected more quickly,” she added.

Ms Miller went on to say that the key to Wikipedia’s success – with around three million active volunteers contributing to it daily – is a simple technological framework.

She suggested that it works much in the same way that a straightforward IT outsourcing deal can boost a company’s flexibility and free up time for other management tasks.

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